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5 Intimate Romantic New Year Travel Resolutions

5 Intimate Romantic New Year Travel Resolutions

As the new year is rolling around again, it’s time for a fresh start, new traveling resolutions that will also keep you on budget. One good way to do that is for you and your partner to come up with some interesting new travel resolutions that you will promise to keep the next time you travel together, and throughout the year. Try to keep these in mind no matter how much, or how little time or money you have, but do keep your budget in mind. Try to put your old travel habits away and make way for something completely new and unique. Make this year the best year ever for travel. Do what you can to focus your travel on a new festive location, a wild new fantasy that you may share together, or just plain fun.

1.) Vow to do something completely out of the ordinary that neither of you has done before. Go crazy, just pick a wild and interesting new travel destination or activity that will be unique, fun and keep you both on your toes, here are some examples: Go for a ride in a hot air balloon (even though this can be expensive, it’s one way to really experience the countryside). Rent an RV for a week and travel to a new destination (sure to be fun, and take your pets along too). Take a weekend off and spend the night at a Bed & Breakfast that you’ve always wanted to visit (it could be local, or far away, pick a place that looks fun). Choose to learn to snorkel, or scuba dive (take lessons together and go on a dive or trip to an interesting looking destination.

2.) Promise that you will get your partner involved in the planning for once. Though you may one favorite partner that always does the planning, this time change it up, and let the other help you and plan everything together. Try to get the other person into the spirit of how much fun it can be anticipating your next journey. Go to a travel agent and gather your destination info, guidebooks, videos, or whatever you need and take it from there.

3.) Make and plan a real vacation that takes you away and let’s you forget the rest of the world. It may not be the most expensive globe hopping expedition, but choose to take some time and pick a place that you will both enjoy. Mark it on your calendar, and get ready to have some fun together. Plan this one for months ahead of time and you will see how excited both of you can get.

4.) Promise to go to a minimum of 3 festivals this year. Contact your local chamber of commerce and/or the tourist offices where you are planning to go and find out which festival events are the most fun for two. Choose at least 3 that will get both of you excited, choose fun activities or events such as: sand castle building contests, ice carving festivals, historical re enactments (anachronisms), country line-dancing celebration, etc. Try to pick events that are fairly close to home (stick within a one day drive if you can), or choose at least one that may be a weekend event for the two of you. There are tons of treat, fun events happening and you will both be sure to enjoy this.

5.) Vow to take 2 or 3 mini vacations every 3 months (shoot for at least one every month if you can). Even if you are only going away for a single night, try to plan for it ahead of time and you will add to the anticipation level for both of you. There is one little thing you must do. Promise each other that you will both ‘act’ like you are on vacation, in other words, no extra work gets taken along, or worked on, etc. These could be short little stays in a local motel or a budget bed and breakfast location of your choosing. Try to find the best, lowest rates by choosing non-peak days for this. Many hotels will have special rates on Monday through Thursday nights. Plan these out as romantic getaways for the two of you.