The 10 Laws of Guides And How Learn More

The 10 Laws of Guides And How Learn More

Dynamic Vs. Static: All There Is To Know About Character Development Specifically Dynamic Characters

An essential part to writing a story is the character because without them there would be no story in the first place, this is why writers take their time in choosing a character, from their name to their attitudes, they take into account what kind of person those characters are yet it is not necessary for them to be all perfect and good, there is no fun there!

Character development is fundamental in writing because it gets to determine how the character progress as the story goes, a glimpse as to what kind of personality the character have is a way for the readers to relate to them, they will be able to follow their journey, and how their choices resolve the conflicts they are facing.

Dynamic characters, mostly protagonist are those who have the chance to grow and change their bad attributes so that who they are in the first few chapters of the book would not be who they become in the end, like a caterpillar undergoing metamorphosis, this change brings good outcomes.

In most stories, the protagonist are the dynamic characters, that undergo certain changes throughout the course of the story in which they would grow to become rational and strong individuals. Many writers and most readers favor this kind of character because no one wants to read about a protagonist that is stagnant, unaffected by the external conflicts surrounding them.

The growth of the protagonist is beneficial not only in the story they contribute in but it will also serve as a lesson to the readers, enabling them to learn about values that the story would like to emphasize about.

Static characters are different from dynamic ones for the reason that they are simply platonic, there is minimal to zero character development in the story which is more of the traits of those minor characters or could even be the antagonist. Often times these characters are given the opportunity to change for the better, however, they to stay as they are, what is problematic for these types of characters is that they become boring in the long read, they deliver no excitement to the readers at all.

To wrap it all up, a story should have texture, therefore, its character development should vary, you do not have to choose between dynamic or static characters for the reason that you can mix both traits in your story to give it a more compelling drive. Wait no longer, apply these methods now and write the story you have always dreamed about, surely it will captivate the audience attention.

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