The Unknown Travel Destination

The Unknown Travel Destination

The real Belgrade has a unique charm of city that was reborn from its own ashes. The destruction brought by the war are still visible in some parts of the city. The half bombed official buildings serve both as a tourist attraction and as a live memory for the citizen of Belgrade.

Belgrade is the place where past meets present and future. Conveniently located on the confluence of the Danube with the river Sava, this city will easily be imprinted in the memory and soul of every traveler. Although profoundly east European, Belgrade breaths a western air, having something form the special feeling of a French town in its most hidden corners. Many tourists have discovered the beauties and treasures of this city, unknown until recently. On the main tourist streets, one can feel the strong cosmopolitan character that the city is beginning to have.

There are countless small architectural and historic small secrets hidden all around Belgrade. Starting with the amazing Kalemegdan fortress, now transformed in one of the most beautiful parks in the world, and continuing with the imposing St. Sofia, the biggest orthodox cathedral in the world, there are plenty of things worth discovering. The most adventurous tourists may try the delicious lemon beer at the Black Turtle Pub or the traditional pljeskavica, which could compete with the best hamburgers.

There are so many place to see and things to do in Belgrade, that it’s impossible to explain in little words. No real traveler can visit the city and remain cold. Belgrade gets in your system and will be calling you back always.

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